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Relational and Logical Operators

December 19, 2016


Relational operators:


< Less Than

> Greater Than

== Equal To

<= Less than or equal to

>= Greater Than or equal to

!= not equal to


These operators return a boolean value true or false. They report on the relationship of the two values that surround them.


For instance: 


5 < 8 returns True


99 < 12 returns False


These statements can be used in the control expression of an if statement: 


if 5 < 6: 

    print("5 is less than 6")


That's not a great example because the answer is obvious. It's much more useful when you have a value you don't know such as user input:


age=input("Enter your age:")


if age<21:

    print("No drinking for you!")


or something like that.


You can combine relational operators with boolean or logic operators: 

and, or, not


These operators take boolean values and report on their relationship.


For instance, 


5 < 2 or 5 > 1 


returns True because one of the two statements is true.


not ( 2 < 5 and 7 < 10 ) 


returns False because the not negates the result of the and...

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